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with more than 25 years experience growing & supplying Paulownia Plants Worldwide

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Apart from being the Worlds largest producer and supplier of Genetically Superior Paulownia varieties WPI’S scientific team of geneticists and silviculturists continue research and development of Paulownia varieties, complimentary forestry trees and crops that can be incorporated in WPI’S managed large scale reforestation and agro forestry projects.


Paulownia is not a plant it and forget it tree. All Paulownia Plantations requires critical care and Management.

Paulownia Plantations that are not cared for properly FAIL. The cost to maintain a Paulownia Plantation is substantial, if you are not prepared to follow explicit growing requirements and fund the annual costs associated DON’T PLANT.

WPI’S commitment to customer service and continuous product development assures growers that properly managed and maintained Paulownia SUPER SELECT™ plantations will return significant revenues in 5 to 6 years with no need to replant as the tree regenerates from the cut off stump.



  • WPI offers more Products, Services and Technical Support than any other Paulownia supply company anywhere in the World.
  • WPI has it’s own In House State Of The Art Tissue Culture and Genetic Development Laboratory. No outsourcing, WPI is in direct control of production and don’t promise delivery’s they are unable to supply.
  • WPI offers more than just Paulownia Plants for plantations. The Ornamental pot sizes for shade trees is a very popular option for the homeowner and landscaping project with the option to purchase just one tree or a dozen trees.
  • WPI offers International shipments of Paulownia SUPER SELECT™ varieties in seedlings. Seedlings for international projects. (subject to certain terms and conditions)
  • WPI offers professional plantation management within the USA.
  • WPI’S Team are the World leaders in Paulownia Plantation establishment, site evaluation Varietal selection and Plantation maintenance and management procedures.
  • WPI has a guaranteed pre committed timber harvest and buy back program that no other Paulownia Company offers within the USA.
  • WPI’S expert team members know what to do, they are dedicated individuals that have dealt with every aspect of Paulownia growing and maintenance for many years.



WPI’S Customer service is second to none. The advice given is at all times courteous and timely both by telephone and email. wpi@worldpaulownia.com or direct your emails to sales@worldpaulownia.com.

All seedlings shipped are sun hardened for 7 to 14 days before shipping.

All Orienta SUPER SELECT™ Ornamentals are shipped in 4 inch pots and individually wrapped.

WPI Guarantees that all SUPER SELECT™ seedlings are 100% healthy, pathogen and disease free.

WPI Ships via UPS or USPS  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week April thru October each year. International orders are shipped year round via air freight.

WPI has multiple payment options, Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover & American Express) and PayPal (sales@worldpaulownia.com). Call 1-800-615-7306, or email sales@worldpaulownia.com for International orders via wire transfer or credit card.

BEWARE of imitations and false representations of potential Plantation revenues and prompt shipping of plants by others. Protect yourself deal directly with the plant producer.  Paulownia trees have many different names. Tomentosa, Empress Trees, Empress Splendor, Kiri Trees, Americana and many more.  They are all Paulownia.  Tomentosa is the only known variety that is invasive along with being one of the slow growing varieties of Paulownia.