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Paulownia has been extensively used over the past century for stabilization of highly erodible land, bioremediation, soil remediation and Phytoremediation of contaminated land. Over the last two decades there has been a lot of research and development of Paulownia’s ability to up take nitrates, heavy metals and land contaminants. Trials with animal waste run off and control of subsequent ground contaminants, trials with human waste municipality spray fields to control air drift and ground nitrate contamination and plantings of Paulownia to control run off of leachate and organic waste from landfills.

Over the years many Universities from all parts of the World have conducted extensive tests and field trials on the attributes of Paulownia for a wide range of applications. A lot of this information is well documented and extensively publicized and can be easily researched on the Internet. The most recent up take studies were conducted by North Carolina State University 1998 to 2000. The University of Kentucky and University of Maryland have published several papers on Paulownia’s exceptional characteristics for mine site reclamation and soil stabilization.

Unfortunately there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL for soils stabilization or remediation. World Paulownia Institute and its team of professionals are well qualified to explore each individual soils submission and design a treatment package tailored especially to the specific problem.

World Paulownia Institutes flag ship Super Select Paulownia Elongata demonstrates outstanding performance for forestry, remediation of contaminated land, mine site reclamation and erosion control.

The aggressive fast growing deep tap root of Paulownia Elongata can penetrate 40 feet or more drawing nutrients, water, contaminants and heavy metals from the sub soil to the surface feeding plant while the extensive mat like lateral root system draws from the upper soils from an area 12 to 36 inches deep and up to two times the size of the crown of the tree.

Super Select Elongata has many benefits, firstly its incredible rate of growth and performance across a diverse javascript:void(0);range of climatic conditions and soil types combined with its tolerance to dry conditions makes this tree unique in the Paulownia World.

Super Select Elongata can be harvested for saw timber in as little as five years. The wood is light yet strong, machines and finishes beautifully making it perfect for furniture, moldings, boats, calywood.

Super Select Elongata regenerates from the stump after harvest, no need to replant, land and the surrounding area is not devastated after harvest making this tree a truly renewable resource. The large leaves absorb large quantities of air born contaminants and Sequester Carbon emitting pure clean and naturally filtered oxygen to the atmosphere.

Super Select Elongata is without a doubt the fastest growing and most diverse cultivar in the Paulownia Family exhibiting the following outstanding qualities.

  • Fast growing perfect for reforestation producing fine quality lumber.
  • Extensive tap root and lateral root system stabilizes soil and remediates land.
  • Superior uptake of nitrates, heavy metals, contaminants and other elements from shallow and deep sub soils.
  • High conversion ratio of nutrients, carbon and other elements to wood fiber.
  • Excellent seqesterer of carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Tolerates a wide range of climatic and ecological conditions.
  • High combustion temperature, low fire risk.
  • Trees do not produce forest floor fuel eliminating the risk of high temp forest fires.