WPI has developed a fully integrated land and plant nutrient management program to maximize the Biomass production of their Super Select™ varieties of Paulownia. The MEGA MASS™ methodology has been developed over several years with commercial scale trials demonstrating phenomenal fiber yields.
MEGA MASS™ is a high density, short rotation Biomass protocol based on annual harvests designed specifically for fiber to energy utilization. “Biomass Fuel Pellets”
WPI has dedicated a lot of time and resources to the development of (HDSR) high density short rotation Paulownia Biomass Varieties specifically targeted to meet the demands of two distinctly different energy conversion processes.
1 – Fuel pellets for co firing, whereby the densified high calorific value pellets are co mingled with coal in existing power plants.
2 – Wood chip for direct firing in stoker or fluidized bed gasifier / reactors.
Extensive field trials over the past 5 years in SE Georgia USA of (HDSR Paulownia) have demonstrated yields in excess of 40 wet tons per acre per year a with a planting density of 680 trees to the acre. (Please keep in mind that the potential yield is significantly influenced by climatic conditions, soil types, nutrition, precipitation, elevation and number of growing days in the growing zone.) Tropical areas could possibly exceed this yield whilst colder climates with shorter growing seasons would yield less.

Pelletization of our HDSR PaulowniaBIG™” variety has turned out to be extremely successful. The low density chipped Biomass dries easily, grinds and pelletizes with low mechanical force and produces pellets with superb mechanical strength and durability that meet or exceed European standards.

Wood Chips of our HDSR PaulowniaBIG™” variety have been extensively tested in direct firing applications and proved to be an excellent fuel source, low in volatiles, low ash content with high calorific value.

WPI’s Sister Company World Ethanol Institute has concentrated on the Conversion of the MEGA MASS™ Cellulosic fiber to Ethanol via their patent pending closed loop Zero emission CHIPS conversion technology. (Combined Heat, Ice Power & Steam)

WPI is also conducting tests for the conversion of the pulverized fiber to make Green Energy Pellets and Brickettes. The high Calorific Value, low ash content and low toxicity of the fiber demonstrates excellent characteristics for conversion to Green Energy.


BIG™ (Biomass is Green)

BIG™ (Biomass into Gas)

BIG™ (Biomass into Generation)


For the past 4 years WPI’s Geneticists research Scientists and silviculturists have devoted hundreds of hours developing, perfecting and breeding specific Biomass producing Paulownia varieties. The all new “BIG™” range of seedlings and Tissue Cultures.

In an effort to help alleviate the World Wide pressure on Oil and reduce GHG emissions WPI set out on a mission to Develop and produce the Worlds Fastest Growing Biomass Trees.

Specific attention was paid to the overall volume in weight each variety could produce of harvestable fiber each year along with the Cellulose to Lignin Ratio in each “BIG™” variety.

Unlike WPI’s Super Select Paulownia range of Forestry trees attention was paid to single stem form or straight cylindrical growth. To the contrary WPI’s “BIG™” varieties produce multiple sprouts and stems that grow so fast they bend outward to compete for sun light.

WPI now has available its “BIG™” varieties of genetically superior Paulownia developed especially for Biomass Production.

Whether the requirement is for Cellulosic Ethanol, WPI has a “BIG™” (Biomass into Gas) variety suitable for most growing conditions. WPI exports World Wide and can ship to most destinations with all necessary paperwork.

WPI also has a “BIG™” (Biomass into generation) variety specifically developed for Power Generation. The chipped fiber is fed directly into a carbon neutral gasifier/boiler which drives the steam turbine generator.

WPI’s dynamic range of genetically superior Paulownia varieties have been successfully proven in University studies to produce Ethanol via Acid Hydrolysis method, Thermo chemical, Pyrolysis and gasification.


Tree Spacing Guide

Biomass Plantation Tree Spacing Guide

      8′ x 8′

680 trees per acre

10′ x 10′

435 trees per acre

For your BIG™ Variety of Paulownia for your Biomass Farm please contact via email or call 1-800-615-7306 or 1-229-546-4034.