WPI has been developing its range of “Super Select” Paulownia clones for more than 20 years. Super Select “ARCTIC™” has evolved from years of research, field trials, varietal crossing and clonal selection to create a cold tolerant variety capable of withstanding -15F (-26C).

In early spring Super Select “ARCTIC™” explodes with cascades of beautiful White flowers adorned with dark purple and yellow throat then in late spring large green Heart shaped leaves form creating a lush green canopy. “ARCTIC™” is deciduous and will lose its leaves in fall, all Paulownia varieties prefer well drained soils “ARCTIC™” will not tolerate wet land or land that floods.

Paulownia Arctic

For your “ARCTIC™” Variety of Paulownia you have 2 different size plants and pots to choose from


Paulownia ARCTIC™ Seedlings

Seedlings are sold in multiples of 10. Ten being the minimum order. Seedlings range in height from 6 inches – 10 inches [Height depends on what part of the growing season you are receiving your plants].You will receive planting and maintenance instructions with your seedlings.