WPI has been developing its range of “Super Select” Paulownia clones for more than 20 years. Super Select “FORTUNEI” has evolved from years of research, field trials, varietal crossing and clonal selection to create a variety that grows well in a milder wetter climate and also grows well in a tropical regions.

In early spring Super Select “FORTUNEI” explodes with cascades of beautiful White flowers with a purple and yellow throat then in late spring large green Heart shaped leaves form creating a lush green canopy. “FORTUNEI” is deciduous and will lose its leaves in fall, all Paulownia varieties prefer well drained soils “FORTUNEI” will not tolerate wet land or land that floods.

Paulownia Fortunei

Flowering Paulownia Fortunei

Paulownia FORTUNEI Seedlings

Seedlings are sold in multiples of 10. Ten being the minimum order. Seedlings range in height from 6 inches – 10 inches [Height depends on what part of the growing season you are receiving your plants]. You will receive planting and maintenance instructions with your seedlings.